How to Eat Healthily and Exercise on a Student Budget: So many of you are off to Uni this september so I wanted to give you my top tips for staying or starti…
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  1. Food is my problem at college. I am a musical theatre student so exercise
    is not a problem (at least one dance/body con class per day) but we work
    long hours so I can never be bothered making a healthy meal when I get
    home. Does anyone have any tips?

  2. Love your videos :). I want to start running, I’m a newbie runner so can
    you recommend any running trainers which aren’t too expensive? Xx 

  3. In the city I live in, Groningen, has a special gym for students. You can
    sign up for classes for free (TRX, swimming etc) and for some extra money
    you can use the actual gym with weights. It is only 52€ per year and
    amazing. Love it. I go there 3 times per week.

  4. it’s literally impossible for me to stay fit/healthy at uni at ALL times. I
    sure do try to stay healthy most of the time, but I just do not have the
    strength not to go on a binge from time to time haha! I’ve been running for
    the past months now and I’d definitely recommend running 2/3 times a week.
    Once a week is good too, as long as you start somewhere. A tip for me is to
    DEFINITELY start slow. The first week I started running I ran 10 miles
    three times a week and couldn’t run for the 3 weeks after because I
    overloaded my knees so much that I got ”runners knees”. I basically
    strained my knees and couldn’t walk properly for like weeks. So yeah, that
    and definitely buy good running shoes!! you cannot just run with your basic
    sneakers, you’ll need good shoes! 

  5. Love these!! When I went to Loughborough I gained 1 stone in 2 months!! :/
    I love the lovefoodhatewaste app too xx

  6. It’s my second year, but going to the gym or working out has its place on
    my timetable. Keeps me focused and allows me to follow a routine. So damn
    good! Thanks for this!!

  7. my problem is that I don’t have a kitchen in my dorm. All I have is a
    microwave. Im not sure how I can eat healthy that way

  8. I have only just discovered this channel, thanks to VelvetGh0st (Gabby),
    and having not really looked much, I do not know if you have already made
    this video. The video I am talking about is for younger people, 13-18, to
    loose weight at school. I don’t know about anybody else but when I am at
    school there are so many temptation, what my friends are offering, my
    parents haven’t stocked up on healthy food, the fatty burgers in the
    canteen look so yummy, I haven’t got enough time in the morning to make a
    healthy lunch and much more! I usually loose my way as soon as I walk into
    school and I would really like a video, or reply to this comment with the
    video if it already exists, to try and stay healthy when at school and on
    your parents budget! Thank you, I love your videos!

  9. I love your videos! I really don’t understand why you don’t have more
    subscribers! You are amazing xx

  10. Hi Carly. I want to buy Zombie Run but i do not want to activate my 3G
    when i go running (it gets quite pricey). Do you need internet for it to
    work ?

  11. Don’t feel like a like a lucky bugger, lectures and seminars and dissection
    and plenaries and tutorials from 9-5, then LOADS AND LOADS of self-study to
    prep for next day. I hate uni already….

  12. Aw Carly i don’t comment that much but I truly love you, your videos and
    your amazing ABS! ❤️ just wanted you to know :)

  13. Just started Uni last week so thankfully I’m through freshers alive and
    well, but now my body is hating on me. Thank you for these tips, we do
    group shops but we haven’t thought about the veg side of them, simply pasta
    and mince (a cheeky spag bowl or lasagna lasagna). I’m actually joining the
    gym tomorrow again after having to leave mine in the move to uni, but there
    are six of us in the house now who go, so it’s great motivation! Thank you
    Carly for all the advice, and to everyone who’s commented more on top, love
    the poor food deprived individuals living off student loans x

  14. Great video, really appreciate that you care so much for us students 😛 but
    it was so strange for me to learn that some uni’s might not have their own
    gyms in the UK.I study in the Netherlands and we have this massive sports
    center that allows students from three biggest universities of our town to
    go there unlimited for the entire year for only 120 euros! You can take any
    classes you want or just pump the iron from the opening till midnight every
    day. And from what I know from my friends that study in other Dutch cities
    the situation is the same there, the prices are even lower for some

  15. they are sometimes a bit expensive but signing up to a bootcamp is always
    incredible fun ! or trying to workout with uni friends/flat mates, a huge
    motivator ! and definitely frozen fruit/veg is perfect !! and buying those
    large packs of chicken breasts (like six in a pack) and putting in
    individual freezer bags in the freezer means you can take a chicken breast
    out the night before and put it in the fridge, will be fully defrosted to
    eat the next day and they won’t go off quick !! (can also do this with
    other meats/fish like salmon !)

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