Lemon Water Benefits – Lemon Water Benefits Weight Loss – Warm Lemon Water

Lemon water benefits us when it comes to losing weight! So how does lemon water benefit us when it comes to losing those extra pounds? In this part of the lo…

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  1. hi,,
    i hve been started tis lemon water frm past two months but still am taking
    a lemon per day ,i dont knw, how many days it wil take to reduce my body
    fat??? can anyone tell ???

  2. This actually does work boil water pour in coffe cup add fresh lime juice n
    there instead of having a coffee in the morning have a lemon tea I’ve lost
    weight with this method n I’ve told friends about it too 🙂 🙂 🙂 

  3. one more benefit of drinking lemon water is that when ur going through ur
    puberty u get some acne which all teenager’s get….for some reason this is
    actually reduces whiteheads…breakouts….this is working for me …..just
    one glass of lemon water mixed with black pepper ….”before breakfast” n
    reduced eating oily food helps get rid of acne…

  4. Hi Jenny,
    thank you for sharing your insights, walking everyday just might not being
    burning the calories that you are taking in each day. We are all different
    in the way we lose weight, some people can lose it easy and others it can
    take a bit longer. I am setting up a new channel with some of the different
    exercises that I do to help weight loss, toning and strengthening the body.
    Feel free to go over and subscribe here (
    http://www.youtube.com/user/MyOneMinuteWorkouts ) ready for when I upload
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    Kind regards,

  5. OK i am 13 and i wanna see the best way to get abs in less than to weeks
    plz plz someone comment and give me a link to a video

  6. Hi TheTraveler, thank you for your insight and yes lemon breaks down into
    alkalizing salts which helps to eliminate the acidic effects of sugar.

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