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    about the serious crimes we commit against our bodies. With Fat Blast
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  2. I found this to be very good advice. I watched in early April. Since then
    I have lost 60 pounds and I did without exercise because, at the time, I
    was too injured to exercise. It was all diet. The green tea and lemon
    juice helped. 

  3. I lost weight with green tea. I god not realize it was the tea. I thought
    it was the water. I’m gonna do it again. I need to loose 80 pounds.

  4. Watching your video at the start of my weight loss journey. I’m usually too
    busy to exercise but figure I’ll get enough of that during cleaning sprees
    around my house. Can’t wait to try the green tea trick. Thanks! (I’ll come
    back and share the results)

  5. Ok I watched you a year ago. U did what you said. I lost 45 soon far. Now I
    didn’t do the tea though. I just shared your video on fb. Cause I wanted
    proof that what you say works and you for know what your saying living
    proof. I just need help with the tea.

  6. Well…Congratulation on your HUGE transformation 🙂

    I was just wondering about the track song you used as an
    introduction…love it

  7. Better not waste your time andmoney and efforts on weight losscapsules or
    lotions as their effects if any are merely temporary.

  8. where did you get that big bag of oolong tea??? i’ve been looking
    everywhere to get a bigger pack but the only thing i’ve found is 20
    tea-bags of tea for over $4 bucks…i want something that has 50 or 100 tea
    bags in it so i don’t have to go out & buy every few days ….

  9. Abigale Kirsten You are fucking smart!! if i was living in USA i wanted
    too meet you and shake youre hand 😛 like a thanks!! :D

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