My 100 lb Weightloss Journey

Hi I’m Raya! I was so inspired in the kitchen & in the gym that I lost nearly 100 pounds of fat within 8 months. I am happy to answer any questions you have …
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  1. Staying in the right mindset is really had for me. im only a junior butt I
    weigh 236 pounds and I would like to look good for my senior year, what
    girl doesn’t. I feel like a food addict. I’ll sit and ill feel that I can
    conquer the world and ill get fit but then I binge like crazy all the time
    and its really hard to change my eating habits. there is so many more
    important things to worry about in life so if you have any tips it would be
    immensely appreciated

  2. I too am on a diet, I lost 15 lbs, its so hard. I weighed 207 lbs, i am now
    at 192lbs.
    I also have huge stretch marks. Can anyone please tell me how I can get rid
    of them? PLEASE HELP!

  3. Congratulations on your amazing results. I’m in the process of putting in
    the work to achieve something similar for my self. Very inspirational.

  4. I follow you on IG and I have never comment on your post but seeing how
    motivated you are has really helped me. I really miss seeing your daily
    post. Whatever is going on i wish you well and hope to see you back on IG
    soon. You have been so inspirational to people you don’t even know. :)

  5. I need to lose 65 pounds plus I need to tone. Just had my last baby a month
    ago and I don’t know where to start 🙁
    Mother of four and my body just took a toll way down. I don’t feel sexy
    that’s the worst of how I feel!

  6. Raya, girl!, you are freakin awesome! That’s amazing that you lost that
    much weight in just 8 months. I’m jealous, but extremely proud and even
    more motivated to continue my own weight loss journey. I’ve started a
    channel and will be posting my weight loss journey as well.

    Good luck on maintaining and living a healthier life.
    xoxo -Kendra

  7. Thank you for sharing Raya! I have struggled with weight for awhile now and
    I know it’s all due to some abusive relationships that left me depleted.
    I’m glad I’m not alone. I started vlogging to keep myself accountable. It’s
    helped, but it’s still nice to hear other people’s stories. Thanks and you
    look MAHHHVELOUS! 

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