Extreme Weight Loss – “Kathie and Josh” (Season 4 / Episode 2)

Over the past 21 years, Kathie and her only child, son Josh, have slowly eaten their way into obesity as a way of dealing with the absence of Kathie’s husban…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. this show is so stupid. He loses 99 pounds instead of 100 and they’re
    complaining? he comes up a few pounds short? And they’re losing massive
    amounts of weight in an incredibly short time, dangerously. And before
    anyone jumps on me, I’ve spent the last 7+ months losing 67lbs myself. So I
    kind of know what I’m talking about.

  2. I think it’s sad that Josh was obviously having a full blown panic attack
    and neither Chris nor Heidi could see that. He has major abandonment issues
    and his mom is the only person that has been there for him consistently. Of
    course he is going to freak out about moving out.

  3. Kathie is a total sweetheart and Josh – I cannot believe how handsome his
    face is after he lost all this weight! They both look great and I hope they
    will keep this healthy lifestyle forever. Plus, I really sympathize with
    Josh – my dad’s been in some touch with me throughout my life, but we’ve
    never had a connection and as I grew older, I only realized how despicable
    and hopeless his whole character is. It does things to you. And while I
    made peace with him being unworthy of a relationship with me, I feel sad
    seeing how much Josh wants to be loved by his father. I hope Josh goes to
    therapy and realizes the fact that you cannot change people and sometimes
    you just have to let go, because his father does not deserve the power to
    screw up the life of such an intelligent, fun, loving boy. 

  4. It’s so amazing seeing people’s facial features and frame be defined as the
    show progresses! =D It just fills me with happiness to see what people can

  5. I find it so stupid when Chris says “My heart just sink” because he didn’t
    lost 100 but “only” 99… That’s not bad at all ! It’s important to be
    satisfied of what you,ve accomplished even if it’s not what you expected,
    as long as you give your 110%, it’s not a fail. I love Chris and Heidi,
    though, don’t get me wrong..! It’s just that sometimes I find them to be so
    negative when the people don’t hit their goals.. =0

  6. If I ever get the opportunity to become someones father I hope I am never
    the piece of garbage Josh’s father is. What a LOSER! No wonder Kathy left

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