Swimming To Lose Belly Fat | Get Amazing Results!

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  1. *Swimming is a non-impact, non-weight-bearing cardiovascular exercise. This
    makes it particularly valuable to people who are obese or have range of
    motion issues.*

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  3. Hiit: swim 60 feet (or more) [20 metres] at maximum intensity; then rest
    for 10 – 60 seconds; repeat 10 times (more or less); do this 1 – 3 times
    per week. Each swim will last 10 – 20 minutes (including warm up). In other
    words, you won’t have to exercise all that much. However, because you swim
    at such high intensity, the workout will be very taxing on the body. Since
    you are using your muscles when swimming, if you eat enough food (incl
    protein) your muscle mass will stay the same (or even possibly increase
    somewhat), but excess fat will disappear. The result is, physically, a lean
    body. Your must eat enough food, sleep enough hours and reduce stress for
    maximum benefit, (sleep is extremely important to give your body and
    muscles time to repair or else your muscles will shrink.)

  4. I started swimming along with vegan-protein intensive recipes, as well as
    myfitnesspal.com – It’s only been three days, but I woke up feeling great!
    Usually I wake up groggy, lethargic and unmotivated. The past three days,
    kale protein shakes and a gallon of lemon infused water coupled with
    swimming has me feeling so much more alive, awake and alert. I can only
    imagine this’ll feel even better after a week, two, months and years. This
    is life changing for me, and the best part is, none of it’s forced. I want
    to do this, because I feel so good. (Not to mention the nice tan I’ve been
    getting 🙂 ) So thank you for this video! I’m going to try these out and
    build my routine up slowly. ^_^ 

  5. Be certain to regularly monitoring your weight, setting realistic goals
    getting helps from family and friends to shed the weight safely and

  6. I just started swimming to lose weigh and gain strength and stamina. I was
    never a fan of swimming and was rather afraid of drowning. But only after
    a few times at the pool. It was very enjoyable and I now find swimming to
    be a great way to exercise. Very good video. I will try out your tips.

  7. Nothing is better than swimming. I was 98 Kg when i started swimming.
    Initially it was difficult to swim continuously. But three weeks down the
    line i was able to swim for 1 km at a stretch. Average time taken :- 19
    mins. 60 laps in a swimming pool that was 18 meters long. 15 months later ;
    74 Kg. The improvement would have been a lot better had i controlled my
    junk food eating habits. Peace Out. Stay blessed. 

  8. It is weightless and therefore safer. I have peripheral neuropathy and
    this is the best kind of work out to get my weight under control after
    taking statin drugs for elevated cholesterol. Thank you Merck
    Pharmaceuticals. They have not disclosed this harmful side effects
    although it was known. So they are still liable any of you out there. So
    any exercises that you know to help reduce middle waist fat would be

  9. It would be a shame for you not to shed fat when these people do it easily
    with Fat Blast Furnace (Look it up on google).

  10. I dont really have acces to a big swimming pool, the only pool I have acces
    to is the pool at my house and that is just a round pool (about 4x4x1m).
    Can I still do some kind of exercise?

  11. I kept waiting for the sales pitch ? I absolutley thought there was going
    to be some kind of protien bar or powder butnnn, Nothing!! They were
    selling nothing just offering great free advise! What has become of me?
    Why am I so cynical? Help…..

  12. It’s im­possible to burn fat safely with­out having work­ out properly and
    control the food intake. D­rugs and pills includes dangerous negative

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