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I’m starting a weight loss vlog! Here’s what it won’t be : boring talk about food and exercise. Here’s what it will be : me, getting outside, living life, ha…

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  1. Congrats on starting your journey, I understand what you mean. Weight loss
    is more than just about diet & exercise. I just made a year on my journey I
    use to hate the gym but I like it now. Before my journey I was an “outside
    person” either but now that I’ve lost the weight I participate in races
    something I never thought would happen. My motto is 80/20 diets don’t work
    change your lifestyle. Even though I had confidence before I lost the
    weight, I would be lying if I said the weight didn’t stop me from trying
    things, even if it was little things. I played soccer and went inside a
    bounce house with my son this year last year at 255.6, I wouldn’t have
    went in because in my head I would be nerves because I was too big to go
    in. I look forward to seeing your videos of you living life, its a
    different way to do a weight loss vlog. I talk about what I eat and my
    workouts in my blog but also have videos of my races and my day. 

  2. You are too funny! I love your personality. I recently decided to take
    control of my life and get and shape, I started a channel, but i’m kind of
    nervous about sharing my story with the world. I’m subscribing to your
    channel, sub back to mine as well, hopefully I will be sharing some things
    that well be of some help with your weight loss journey. 

  3. Love your outlook and sense of humor! I posted my first vid last week, and
    I gotta say it, yours looks pro especially compared to my dinky editing.
    Lol definitely subscribing for more. Watching your video made my journey
    seem like it could be more enjoyable! Thanks!

  4. I am so excited for you! I am definitely subscribing so I can follow you on
    your journey. 🙂 I am in my own weight loss journey and need the
    inspiration/motivation. You have such a quirky and fun personality, I just
    know your videos won’t be boring (as those other “kale and coconut milk
    blogger” videos are! ha!). I look forward to seeing more videos!

  5. So I just did my first weight loss vlog (because, as you so correctly
    pointed out, there just aren’t enough out there), and I had no fucking clue
    what I was doing or how to do it, and, even worse, it was absolutely
    horrifying seeing my chins on my computer screen. This right here, the way
    you do it, is the right way. So damn funny and adorable and just perfect.
    Love it! Definitely glad I found your channel to subscribe to!

  6. Girl u do u! Im on a weight loss journey too and u can do it. We gotta love
    ourselves how ever we are but i feel like a lot of times us big girls claim
    we don’t care of our looks but in reality we do deep down inside every
    woman wants to feel and look better thats life thats humans its an
    undeniable fact. 

  7. Omg i just finished this video and im in love your amazing, i love your
    positivity and Outlook on life you make me happy and i love your background
    and ive subscribed and im about to go watch everything youve made,#Excited!

  8. Hey, I am about your size and took surf lessons. There is an all female
    instructor out in La Jolla, California that I went to. I just asked for a
    large size suit and board which helped a lot. Its hard as fuck, but fun
    nonetheless. Just practice doing burpees and you will be fine.

  9. i love that you are doing this! such an important message and you are very
    brave for putting it all out there. Your kids are incredibly lucky to have
    you and i know that they will live amazing lives because of your influence!

  10. I really enjoyed your first video. Congrats on starting your weight loss
    journey in the right way. I’m working on that too and I must say…your
    first videos are sooo much better than mine. Lol. Well good luck! And
    thanks for sharing your journey. 

  11. Im only into your video about 2 minutes and i just want to say your
    hilarious and i love your style! After watching this i want a best friend
    just like you!

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