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  1. I couldn’t stop smiling watching this video… omggggg you are my
    motivation…. I freaking love you…. OMGGGG youre the best.. im sooooo
    freaking proud

  2. +MzBrooklyn Journey I am 13 yers old and weigh 195 I get bullied and teased
    all the time because of it seeing this video inspired me to lose 50 pounds
    and when I do I’m gonna laugh at the people who said I couldn’t do it I’m
    starting my 3 month weight lose August 11 2014. I remember one day this
    girl came up to me aand called me a fat whore I got up and ran witch was
    hard Cause I have breathing problems today wen people call me fat I laugh
    and walk away with my head held high. Your pretty and I wanna be just like
    you so loyal and not giving up you keep doing you no matter watch people
    say Cause it’s all gonna pay off one day well wish me luck

  3. Great job! you go sweetie! I started May 2014 at 276 I am now 215 My goal
    is now for 200 wish me luck btw im 54. Thanks for all of you, you tubers
    for being an inspiration! You look beautiful!

  4. MzBrooklyn, MzBrooklyn she got it, she got it. Hello darling it has been a
    while since I’ve had a chance to check in on you on your journey like I
    said from the very first time I discovered your channel in the beginning of
    your journey, I am so so proud of you and I so inspired by your strong will
    and determination. Everyone is on some type of journey on this planet.
    Believe it or not, I got inspired to get to root of something that was
    literally killing me after watching your videos. I had a different battle,
    I was battling with periodontal disease and couldn’t figure out what was
    wrong with me. baaaad teeth honey. I have since been inspired to start
    vlogging and sharing my story just as you have. My entire life has changed.
    I had all of those bad teeth removed and new ones put in next year my gums
    will be ready for implants. I have since lost weight, regained healthier
    lifestyle changes, my business is finally off of he ground and I have a
    wonderful man in my life. MzBrooklyn, you are such a beautiful woman and I
    honor you and thank God for giving you the strength and tenacity to keep
    moving forward and upward. You look amazing and will always be a big fan of
    yours lady. A SUPER BIG CONGRATS and keep being and doing you. Peace and

  5. WOW wow freaking WOW !!!! this brought tears to my eyes!
    you are so right, doing this video helped someone say today I begin my
    journey. ME!
    I’ve been sitting around watching my weight climb to 225 the biggest I’ve
    ever been. I am so uncomfortable in this skin but thank you. for whatever
    reason this made the light go off, i will begin my journey first thing in
    the morning. I’m excited!! thank you 

  6. Awesome work. Very motivational and inspirational. Keep up the good work,
    You have 24 thousand people watching your journey….Including me….Good
    Job. I had a bad week and not expecting a good weigh-in Monday, but your
    video has put a fire under me that will get me back on track.

  7. Hey MzBklyn… Today is my day, I just came across your video and it
    literally put me in tears because I’m in the fight myself..I’m an obese
    male and I’ve reached that point where it’s ENOUGH.. Your success thus far
    has given me the push. I know I can do it, it’s just a matter of getting
    started.. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your story with us…I don’t
    know you but I love you…. Jared.

  8. Today is the day that I become serious with my weight loss. I weigh 494.4
    pounds. at 5’6″, that isn’t pretty. Thank you for this video. God bless

  9. Crazy how I’m starting my weight loss journey recently & then I came across
    your video. Such an inspiration. Thank you so much for uploading this.

  10. darling, thank you soo much for this video. I have been struggling with my
    weight basically my whole life. often times, I am motivated to work out
    usually at 2 in the morning and that motivation disappears when the sun
    rises. But seeing this video has given me a much stronger motivation to
    start making my own weight loss journey. Again, thank you and i wish you
    goodluck. love lots.

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