10 Tips i used to lose 50 pounds

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  1. I am 15 and 65 kg ,,… gonna start drinking water like hell…. hope it
    works…. I feel nauseous when I drink alot… it is really sick…. but
    better to give it a try rather than being “obese” 

  2. i try to do it but its when i want to start i find myself in a place with a
    lot of food like pizza and i cant resist what can i do

  3. I am 15 years old and I weigh 196lbs. I would like to get down to 120 by
    August of next year. I have very bad knees and ankles. If I don’t lose this
    weight I might have to get the weight removed by doctors, and I would
    rather lose it naturally. Do you recommend any exercises that won’t put a
    strain on my knee or ankle?

  4. I’m so happy to see your video. since it have special good reality advices!
    cut out drinks, just love water, and plan and plan what to eat today to
    prevent be crazy, make one meal with salad, never eat after 7pm, make small
    plate to confuse your mental, eat breakfast surely, exercise 5times a
    week(running 30-40), stretch, and specially love myself ! i’ll try to make
    happy with my body and change to live every happydays! thank you so much!^^

  5. Hi Scola I love your videos. Can you make one on how you manage to maintain
    and balance your healthy lifestyle by working out and eating healthy with
    school? You really motivate me, but I’m in university and as much as I want
    to workout I’m finding it hard to fit in with a full course load at school.
    Thanks <3 

  6. hi everyone, im 18 and 170 and 57kg, i have been trying to lose wait for 4
    month now, i work out 2 times a week and i it healthy and stuff but i do
    have cheat days, but i do not lose weight.. any suggestions of what i
    should do?

  7. Why keep putting pics up only in your thumbnail just to talk in the video
    and there are no pics..just pure talking….*how misleading*

  8. I absolutely LOVE these tips, I especially love how you talk about them,
    not the silly hand gestures (though I love those as well), but when you
    described water and how it made you feel sick yet you got used to it, THAT
    IS WHY I HATE WATER, it doesn’t taste like anything. I love flavor with my
    food, but knowing that you actually get used to it, encourages me even
    more. Also the food plate, I never actually thought about drawing on my
    plate in till now. Wow, that’ll help me SO MUCH and all I had to do was
    just look at this amazingly funny and helpful video. Thank you so much
    Scola! Xoxo!

  9. What if you eat like a fruit or something small but healthy for after 8 or
    just try not to eat anything at all?

  10. I have to eat right before i go to sleep because if I don’t, I get massive
    headaches in the morning and can’t even stand.

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