Inspiring Weight Loss Stories

Bethenny spoke with some women who were inspired by her books to lose weight. “bethenny,” the brand-new talk show starring Bethenny Frankel — businesswoman, …

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  1. I was similar like the first girl.

    Having a lifestyle change was the best success. It kept my weight off for
    the long term, and I feel happier and better.

    Even to the point I lost some friends cause they felt uncomfortable around
    me, but what to do. I cannot get myself killed for them

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  3. You can’t have it, “every day” or “again tomorrow”! That’s how most people
    gain weight. People have what they like ‘again tomorrow”! When you are 50
    lbs. or more over weight, you have to be on a diet. If you don’t exercise
    and diet by eating low calorie foods, you won’t lose weight quickly
    enough. Just cutting back on portions and exercising will work too slowly.

  4. Good for you. Once you walk everyday for ten days, it will become a habit.
    So, you will want walking and enjoy it more afterwards. Happy walking 🙂

  5. It took me 6 months to lose 40 pounds because I was eating everything I
    want, but committed to walk everyday for two hours at least. Of course,
    people have different bodies, some may take less time following the same
    thing or more. Either way, It something works for me because you are moving
    your body without paying anything for gym, pills, DVDs,,,etc

  6. Not in more tribal places. People are worried and focussed on survival
    rather than being a size 3 vs. 0. Some may say they are less advanced than
    those living in urban areas, but in this case I would have to disagree.

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