From 315 pounds to 211 pounds in 11 months!!! There were a lot of bumps along the way but his unyielding persistence paid off in the end! Alex’s journey isn’t over yet!!! To follow his and…
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  1. Where can I sign up for this im a bouncer at a bar . my weight is 315 and
    I’m 6 feet 1 and I would like to drop down to 233 I Need help … 

  2. Awesome job man!! I lost 33 pounds myself since Jan. 1st this year and this
    gave me some more motivation and ideas on workouts i can do! keep it up!

  3. hey im currently a very heavy guy and i am working out but what can i do
    about the food because soon ill break all around me everyone is eating
    stuff that i cant touch 🙁 

  4. Congrats friend. I wish you the best in reaching and maintaining your
    fitness goals. Thanks for the great inspiration.

  5. You’re the fuckin man bro! Thanks for the inspiration. You worked your ass
    off for everything and i’m so happy you reaped the rewards. Beast!

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