Amazing Weight Loss Transformation!

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  1. im 14 and im heavy as f*ck im 165 kg thats like 340 lb I really need help
    if someone have any idea how i can loose weight please ­čÖü but there is
    focken hope im motivated:) please if you have any kind of diet please tell

  2. How I know this isn’t a lie is because you put the legend of zelda “listen”
    and MW2 icon in your outro. Good work my man. I’m starting to work on my
    self as well. Dieting is hard for me though, because I absolutely love
    food. I am a trained chef that went to culinary school and I didn’t used to
    be big until I started just eating out of boredom. Any tips on how I can
    control that other than just will power? ´╗┐

  3. For everyone complaining about the tattoo changing arms obviously some
    pictures are taking by himself in the mirror and others by his friend.´╗┐

  4. I don’t understand why would someone dislike that great faithful Video
    that’s prove that most of people like those who tell them lies, such as
    lose weight while eating what u want setting on a sofa ­čÖé

    Well done bro and thanks for sharing your great story now I feel I had to
    Do something about my weight :)´╗┐

  5. Can someone please reply to this comment answering this question, Alright
    so I am currently 165-168 pounds, 20years old male, 5”9.5-10′. I still
    have a gut, and small man boobs, don’t look in the slightest skinny or fit.
    so my question here is, should I do cardio, or just weight training because
    currently I’d like to bulk up and gain a lot of muscle mass, granted I have
    biceps but they’re not noticeable unless I flex and still isn’t huge
    or anywhere near where I’d like them to be and look. I would like to lose
    the body fat I have covering my muscles, to show my abs and allow my biceps
    to pop way more… I tried researching stuff on google and just got a lot
    of mixed information and different theories, Do I need to also follow a
    diet plan, or just eat whatever but in sure the protein and carbs are up
    there? Added information, I work at a job that requires me to constantly
    lifting 40-80+ pounds all day, and I also did insanity for 33 days
    before getting my wisdom teeth removed, and didn’t get the results I was
    hoping for or thinking I’d receive I’ve stopped the program due having to
    be off hard movements and jumps, and haven’t started it again since, I do
    not like the stress it puts on the joints with the hard jumping and crazy
    movements… so again to lose the weight and get fit should I focus on high
    intensity cardio or do a great muscle workout 5-6days a weak working a
    different body part daily? ´╗┐

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