1. Hi Am Little Fat So I Can’t do all the exercises can u plz help me to get
    rid of belly fat Is there any Easy exercise to burn belly fat …. I love
    ur show nd everyday I try to do all exercises …. 

  2. Man, this workout looked easy, but the next day I had a major muscle ache
    even though I workout regularly. You should make more challenges like this,
    i love your energy and you are a great instructor!

  3. Soccer (the real football) is the best sport in the world. American Eggball
    is just played in America, so it is incomparable.

  4. I noticed a little tattoo on her right foot. I hope one day we could what’s
    actually there. Lovely arches as well

  5. Hi Jen Im Sara from Santiago de Chile, I’ve been following your amazing
    yoga videos, specially this Weight Loss Challenge. I would like to learn
    some yoga exercises to eliminate or avoid orange skin or cellulitis. Thank
    you, love your videos!!

  6. Why are you shaving your armpits everyday as if men and women aren’t equal?
    I thought you were a believer in women’s rights. Guess I was wrong. 

  7. +Auld Kendal i just realized that hollywood is imitating me with the jay
    from jay and silent bob. i realized that the movie dogma is the story of
    messiah seeds working together.

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