The Ultimate Meal For Muscle Growth & Fat Loss – Bodybuilders protein bowl

The Ultimate Dinner for muscle growth and fat loss – Bodybuilders Protein Bowl Connect on Facebook for tips and motivation – Give us a +1 on Google plus…
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  1. hey dude, soy sauce is one of the worst foods, it reduces your test levels
    dramatically.. just advice

  2. Pretty much identical to meals I make though I have brown rice instead of
    quinoa because I can never cook it right and tons more steamed broccoli and
    kale with a bit of olive oil mixed in. I used to put soy sauce over
    everything too but now I sprinkle a little organic Bouillon powder over my
    meals instead and squeeze in some lemon juice. It has sea salt in it but it
    tastes way better and fresher and has none of the sugar and crap in soy

  3. can you sub out the broccoli for something else brad as I hate broccoli
    sorry I know it’s good for fat burning and stuff but tastes rank

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