3 Month Vegan Update! (Weight Loss on RawTill4)

Thanks so much for following along on my journey with me! Remember it’s never too late to start a Vegan lifestyle, and if you need help and advice I’m always here for you. But for those questions…
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  1. Katie I can’t reply directly to you bc of your Google settings so I hope
    you see this. First of all congratulations on going vegan, it’s the best
    decision you could ever make for your body, the animals, and the earth.
    Stick with it, I promise you will never regret it. The thing is, I truly
    believe that no matter what you eat as long as it’s vegan it’s 1000x better
    for you than eating non vegan. Basically, there are no fat vegans, it’s
    unheard of. But if you’re concerned just eat lots of fresh fruits and
    veggies! That’s mostly what I do and you can’t help but be lean and healthy
    on whole plant foods.

  2. how much did you exercise the first months when you lost the 10 pounds
    because I’m transitioning to being vegan but i want to know how much i
    should do to get results

  3. hii i just turned vegan literally two days ago and i am trying to lose more
    than 10 pounds and i do work out probably like 4-5 times a week but my diet
    wasnt really any different than it is now all i did was stop eating fish
    and im scared a high carb diet will only make me gain weight since my diet
    hasnt changed a lot i know youre not a dietitian or anything but thoughts?

  4. Lucky you for losing all that weight. I’ve been hclf vegan for over two
    months with more than two hours of exercise every day and I’ve lost no fat

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